Patient name Mr. Dilipbhai Parmar 36 years old male came on Sunday at my clinic with chest pain from 1 hour at 9 am. I took ECG which was normal. Due to persistent pain I sent him at Namostute Hospital and admitted in ICU for Cardiac consulatation. Second ECG showed ST-T elevation in v1-v3. Around 9:30, in ICU he developed cardiac arrest and on duty doctors Dr Gresha Patel and Critical care team Dr Maunil Shah and Dr Uvesh Memon gave CPR, DC shock as per ACLS protocol and patient was intubated. He was succesfully cardioverted. During that time my self Dr. Raman Patel, Dr Mahipalsinh (Physician), Critical care team and Cardiologist Dr. Nikunj Kotecha planned for PCI. Dr Nikunj did PCI and LAD angioplasty successfully around 10:15 am. Patient was extubated at 3 pm on same day. There was no hypoxic injury to any organ. I am very thankful to entire team for rapid response. Patient is getting discharged today And Relatives and Patient are satisfied with emergency¬†management¬†!!”



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